Setup of 3-D Life Hydrogels

Use this form to calculate the volumes of gel components required for setup of 3-D Life Hydrogels of various compositions.
For detailed information please refer to the Hydrogel User Guide and protocols for each type of gel.

  1. On the left column enter the stock concentration of thiol-reactive groups of the polymer stock solution.
  2. Enter the stock concentrations of thiol groups of the crosslinker and other thiol-bearing components (peptide and/or thioglycerol).
  3. Enter the cell density of the stock cell suspension.
  4. On the right column enter the final concentrations of reactive groups and the final cell density in the hydrogel.
  5. Enter the final volume of the hydrogel.
  6. Red bordered fields are mandatory to allow the calculation of a gel composition.

Component Stock concentration Final concentration
Thiol-reactive polymer:
Cell density:

Final Volume (µl)

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