3-D Life Dextranase

Catalog Number: D10-1

Unit Size: 500 µl

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Supporting Information

Description The 3-D Life Dextranase allows the degradation of dextran-based 3-D Life Hydrogels. It contains dextranase from Chaetomium sp., which cleaves glycosidic bonds of dextran. The brown colour of the dextranase solution can vary from lot to lot. This does not interfere with the product's quality.

For instructions, please consult General Protocols GP-1 "Preparation of 3-D Life Fast Gelling Hydrogels" or GP-2 "Preparation of 3-D Life Slow Gelling Hydrogels" and the 3-D Life Hydrogels User Guide.

Catalog Number D10-1
Application Dissolution of dextran-based hydrogels to recover live or fixed cells without proteolytic degradation. 3-D Life Dextranase is used at a 1:20 dilution in the culture supernatant to dissolve dextran-based hydrogels. A detailed description of application is available in the 3-D Life Hydrogels User Guide.
Quantity 500 µl
Material Quantity Concentration
Dextranase500 µl>4000 units/mLMSDS


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